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Here we place workers in the services of our clients to help achieve set organizational goals. This is done on contract and temporary basis.

CONTRACT LABOUR OUTSOURCING: We assist our clients with skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled workers to carry out agreed functions. This may be for a
short or long term depending on the specifications on contract. We take full responsibility for the welfare, training, management and payment of wages/salaries of
workforce. This is done having the peculiar needs of our clients at heart.
It is our commitment to ensure that workers are promptly paid as and when due. We try all we can to pay our workers even if our client experiences internal delay.
This is to avoid industrial issues and ensure smooth operations for our client/s.
TEMPORARY LABOUR OUTSOURCING: This is designed to meet the short term labour needs of our clients. Short term labour needs may arise out of leave
condition, or the peculiar need to increase output for a short period of time, thus no need to employ on permanent basis.
We take reasonable time to study the work environment of clients before deployment of workers. This affords us the unique opportunity to know the quality of workers
so required. It should be understood that no two clients have the same needs. Workers deployed to very sensitive sections of our clients' organisation, must have
revealed enough information to us about their background, this we verify. Such workers must provide guarantors of good stand.
We subject workers to medical examination at our retained hospital before deployment to service our clients. This is to ensure we have workers that can really
contribute physically and psychologically to the needs of our clients.